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fe^ «,r tiffe' %c *r ii- 3;i lit- jf^ »!. Sr M M- l^;l»i -I'';j4i^l . K


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yk/t^t^ ^'"^/^^Z














Part I. (Trans., pp. 1-112, Pkoc, i-xii) was published 0th April, 1897. II. ( 113-248, ., xiii-xxxvi) 2nd July, .,

III. ( 249-332, ,. xxxvii-xliv) ,, 1st Sept., IV. ( 333-434, xlv-lx) ., 16th Dec,

V. ( Ixi-lxv) 2nd Feb., 1898.

( V )


Founded, 1833. Incorpokated by Royal Charter, 1885.

OFFICERS and COUNCIL for the Session 1897-98.

^rcsiiicnt. ROLAND TRIMEN, F.R.S., F.L.S.

The Rev. Canon FOWLER, M.A., F.L.S. ROBERT McLACHLAN, F.R.S., F.L.S. Professor RAPHAEL MELDOLA, F.R.S., F.C.S.

treasurer. ROBERT McLACHLAN, F.R.S., F.L.S.




lEibrarian. GEORGE C. CHAMPION, F.Z.S.




The Rev. Canon FOWLER, M.A., F.L.S.











Resident Librarian . W. R. HALL.

( vi )






The Transactions can now be obtained by Fellows at the following reduced prices :—

First Series, 4 volumes (1834—1849) .... Second Series, 5 volumes (1850—1861). Third Series, 5 volumes (1862— 18C9). The Transactions fo: "

the year 1868

1869 .

1870 .

isri .

1872 ,

1873 ,

1874 ,

1875 ,

1876 ,

1877 . 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 , 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 18'.(3 1894 1895 1896 1897

Any single vol First Series, vol Second Series, vol.




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3 0


1 12


1 4


1 0


0 15


1 2


0 16


0 19


0 14


1 16


1 7


1 10


1 2


1 7


1 0


1 8


1 1


1 6


0 19


1 6


0 19


1 4


0 19


1 15


1 6


1 16


1 7


1 19


1 10


1 16


1 7


1 9


1 1


1 5


0 19


1 10


1 2


1 7


1 0


1 10


1 2


1 4


0 18


me from 1862 to 1877 half-price to Fellows v., is out of print. First Series, vols. , cannot be sold separately.

The other volumes may be obtained separately, also the following :

Pascoe's ' Longicornia Malay ana'

Baly's ' PhytophagaMalayana, Pt. I., Aposta-


Saunders' ' British Heterogyna and Fossorial

Hymenoptera '

Saunders' ' Synopsis of British Hymenoptera,'


Nevsrport's ' Athalia centifolice ' (Prize Essay)

The Journal of Peoceedings is bound up with the Transactions.

Fellows who have paid their Subscription for the current year, are entitled to receive the Transactions for the year without further "payment and they wiU be forwarded free, by post, to any address. '

12 12


£1 19


0 16


0 12


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0 3


0 6 0 1

0 0

0 4 0 1

6 0

( vii )



Explanation of the Plates viii

Errata viii

Charter and Bye-Laws ix

List of Fellows xxv

Additioiis to the Llbrarv xxxix


I. A Monograph of British Braconidoj. Part VII. By the Eev. Thomas A. Marshall, M.A., F.E.S., Member of the Societe Entomologique de France 1

II. Wes^^ern Equatorial African Micro-lepidoptera. Bv The Eight

Honble. Lord Walsingham, M.A., LL.D., F.E.S .3-3

III. On Lepidoptera from the Malay Archipelago. By Edwari)

Metrick, B.A., F.Z.S CO

IV. New Coccida? collected in Algeria by the Eev. Alfred E. Eaton. By E. Newstead, F.E.S., Curator of the Grosvenor Mu.seum, Chester 9.3

V. Seasonal Dimorphism in African Butterflies. By Arthur G.

Butler, Ph.D., F.L.S., etc 105

VI. The Prothoracic Gland of Dicranura vhmla, and other Notes. By Oswald H. Latter, Assistant Master at Charterhouse, formerly Tutor of Keble College 113

VII. On the Classification of two Subfamilies of Moths of the Family Pyi-alidse : the Hydrocampi)},T and Scopariamr. By Sir George F. Hampson, Bart., B.A 12"

VIII. Descriptions of New Species of Central and South American Ehopalocera. By F. Du Cane Godman, F.E.S., F.L.S., and OsBERT Salvin, M.A., F.E.S 241

IX. A List of the Phytophagous Coleoptera obtained by Mr. H. H. Smith at St. Vincent, Grenada, and the Grenadines, writh Descriptions of New Species: Crioceridaf Galerucidff\ Bv Martin Jacoby, F.E.S. {Hi.'ipidie—Cassididrr. By G".C. Champion, F.Z.S.) .". 249

X. On the Serricorn Coleoptera of St. Vincent, Grenada, and the

Grenadines. By George Charles Champion, F.Z.S. ... 281

XI. Quelques Formicides de TAntille de Grenada recoltes par M. H. H. Smith. Par le Dr. Auguste Forel, professeur a I'Universite de Zurich 297

XII. New or little-known Sphegidas f rom Egypt. By the Eev. F. D.

Morice, M.A., F.E.S 301 (& 434)

XIII. Mimetic Attraction. By Frederiok A. Dixey, M.A., M.D.,

F.E.S., Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford 317

XIV. The Changes in the Structure of the Wings of Butterflies. By

A. Eadcliffe Grote, A.M -3.33

( viii )


XV. Tlie Structure and Life-liistory of Phalacrocera replicata. By Professor L. C. Miall, P.R.S., and R. Shelford, B.A. With an Appendix on the Literature of the earlier stages of the Cylindrotoraina, by Baron C. R. Osten Sacken, Hon.

F.E.S 343

XVT. Descriptions of New Lepidoptera from Australia and New- Zealand. By Edward Meyrick, B.A., F.Z.S., F.E.S. ... 307 XVII. Description of a New Coleopterous Insect of the Family

Paussida3. By Charles O. Watekhouse, F.E.S 391

XVIII. Revision of the Notonectida?. Part I. Introduction, and Systematic Revision of the Genus Notonecta. By G. W.


XIX. The Butterflies of Aragon. By Mrs. M. De la B. Nicholl.

Communicated by Sir George F. Hampson, Bart., B.A. ... 427 XX. New or little-known Sphegidse from Egypt a Correction.

By the Rev. F. D. MoRiCE, M.A., F.E.S 4-34

Proceedings for 1897 i Ixi

Annual Meeting Ixi Ixv

President's Address Ixvi xcvii

Index xcix



(Born, Nov. 5, 1833. Died, Oct. 15, 1897.) Secretary, 1862—1871. President, 1883—1884.

Plate I. See pages 1 31

II. & III. 33—67

IV. ,, 93—103

V. ,, 113—126

(See Pagelxx.)

Plate VI. See pages .301—316

VII. 317—33 2

VIIL, IX.,X., &X1.

See pages 343—366


Page 94, line 14 from bottom, for napax read rapax. Pages 1.31, 132, 134, 135, for Mixophila read Mixophyla. Page 223, line 17, for Maasen read Maassen. Page 235, line 5 from bottom, for Milliere's read Millieres. Page 237, lines 1 and 3, for Melis's read Melliss's. Page 306, line 2 from bottom, for au read an. Page 313, line 26, for nigro-natatur read nigro-notatur. Page 318, line 2 from bottom, for demophile 5 read demophile Q . Page 394, lines 20—21, for pronoti read prosterni ; line 24, for pronotum read prosternum.

Page 420, line 17, for 1891 read 1871.


Page iv., last line, the species referred to by Mr. Tiitt should be Plabjptili metzneri.

Page viii., first line, for Brauer read Brunner.

Page Ivii., line 2 from bottom, for hrachijcephala read hariicrp]i(d(t.




Hxctoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith. TO ALL TO WHOM these presents shall come Greeting :

Whereas Joseph William Dunning, of Lincoln's Inn, in the County of Middlesex, Barrister-at-Law, Esquire, Master of Arts, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society and of the Linnean and Zoological Societies of London, has by his Petition humbly represented unto US, That in the year 1833 certain of our loyal subjects formed themselves into a Society for the Improvement and Diffusion of Entomological Science, and subscribed and expended considerable sums of money for such purposes, and have collected and become possessed of a valuable library and other property, and have been and continue to be actively employed in promoting the objects for which the said Society was founded, especially by the publication of Volumes of Transactions composed of Original Memoirs, read before the Society. And wherfas the said Petitioner, believing that the well-being and usefulness of the said Society would be most materially promoted by obtaining a Charter of Incorporation, hath therefore, on behalf of himself and the other Members of the said Society, most humbly prayed that WE would be pleased to grant a Eoyal Charter for incorporating into a Society the several persons who have already become Fellows, or who may at any time hereafter become Fellows thereof, subject to such Eegulations and Eestrictions as to US may seem good and

expedient. NOW KNOW YE that WE, being desirous of encouraging a design so laudable, and of promoting the improvement and diffusion of Science in all its branches, have of Our especial Grace, certain Knowledge and mere Motion, given and granted, and We do hereby give and grant, That the said Joseph William Dunning and such others of Our loving subjects as are now Fellows of the said Society, or who shall at any time hereafter become Fellows thereof in pursuance of the provisions of this Our Charter and according to such Bye-Laws as are hereinafter men- tioned, shall be a Body Corporate by the name of " The Entomological Society of London," having perpetual succes- sion and a common seal, with power to sue and be sued in their Corporate name, and to acquire and hold any goods and chattels whatsoever.

And our Will and Pleasure is. That John Obadiah Westwood, Esq., Master of Arts, Hope Professor of Zoology in the University of Oxford, shall be Honorary President of the said Corporation during the term of his natural life. And that Robert MacLachlan, F.E.S., shall be the first President of the said Corporation and shall continue such until the Annual Meeting to be held in the month of January next.

And our Will and Pleasure is. And we do hereby declare, that there shall always be a Council to direct and manage the concerns of the said Corporation. And that the thirteen persons, who were elected to form the Council of the said Society at the Annual Meeting held in the month of January last, shall form the first Council of the said Corporation, and shall continue in Office until the Annual Meeting to be held in the month of January next.

And our Will and Pleasure is, And we further grant and declare, that the existing Bye-Laws of the said Society, as revised and amended at a General Meeting held on the 2nd day of May, 1883, shall be the Bye-Laws of the said Corporation, until the same shall be revoked or altered as hereinafter mentioned. And that it shall be lawful at General Meetings of the said Corporation to revoke or alter any former Bye-Laws, and to such new Bye Laws as

shall be deemed useful and necessary for the regulation of the said Body Corporate.

Provided always : And we lastly declare it to be our Royal Will and Pleasure, That no Bye-Law or Resolution shall, on any account or pretence whatsoever, be made by the said Corporation in [opposition to the general scope, true intent, and meaning of this our Charter or the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, and that if any such Bye-Law or Resolution shall be made, the same shall be absolutely null and void.

In Witness whereof We have caused these our Letters to be made Patent.

Witness Ourself at Westminster the twentieth day of July, in the Forty-ninth year of Our Reign.

By Warrant under the Queen's Sign Manual.

( xii


As Amended at a Special Meeting held 2nd June, 189^

Chap. I. Object.

The Entomological Society of London is instituted for the improvement and diffusion of Entomological Science.

Chap. IJ. Constitution. The Society shall consist of Honorary and Ordinary Fellows.

Chap. III. Management. The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council consisting of fifteen Fellows, to be chosen annually, five of whom shall not be re-eligible for the following year. Five shall be a quorum.

Chap. IV. Officers. The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President ; three Vice-Presidents ; a Treasurer ; two Secretaries ; and a Librarian. The Officers shall be chosen annually from amongst the Members of the Council. No Fellow shall be President, or a Vice-President, more than two years successively.

Chap. V. Removal or Besignation of Officers.

1. For any cause which shall appear sufficient to a majority thereof, the Council shall have power to suspend any Officer of the Society from the exercise of his office, or to remove him and declare such office vacant.

2. In the event of any vacancy occurring in the Council or Officers of the Society, at the next meeting of Council

after such vacancy has been made known, the Council shall elect some Fellow to fill the vacancy till the Annual Meeting.

Chap. VI. President.

1. The duty of the President shall be to preside at the Meetings of the Society and Council, and regulate all the discussions and proceedings therein, and to execute or see to the execution of the Bye-Laws and orders of the Society.

2. In case of an equality of Votes the President shall have a double or casting Vote.

Chap. VII. Vice-Presidents.

1. The Vice-Presidents shall be nominated by the Presi- dent. Such nomination shall be declared at the Ordinary Meeting next after the election of the President in every year.

2. In the absence of the President a Vice-President shall fill his place, and shall for the time being have all the authority, power, and privilege of the President.

0. In the absence of all the Vice-Presidents a Member of the Council shall preside ; and if no Member of the Council be present at an Ordinary Meeting, the Fellows present shall appoint by a majority to be Chairman such Fellow as they shall think fit ; and the Member of Council so presiding, or the Fellow so appointed, shall for the time being have all the authority, power and privilege of the President.

Chap. VIII. Treasurer.

1. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to demand and receive for the use of the Society all sums of money due or payable to the Society, and to disburse all sums payable by the Society out of the Funds in his hands.

2. No payment exceeding £5, excepting for rent or taxes, shall be made by the Treasurer without the consent of the Council.

3. The Treasurer shall keep a book of Cheque Eeceipts for admission fees and annual payments ; each Keceipt shall be signed by himself, the date of payment and name of the

Fellow paying being written both on the Receipt and on the part of the Cheque which is left in the book.

4. The Treasurer shall demand all arrears of annual payment after such payment shall have been due three months.

5. The accounts of the Treasurer shall be audited annually, previously to the Annual Meeting, by a Committee of six Fellows (of whom three shall be Members of the Council), to be appointed by the President at the Ordinary Meeting in December, of which Committee three (or two, provided that one of them is not a member of the Council) shall be a quorum. The Treasurer shall furnish the Auditors with a detailed account of all receipts and disbursements down to the 31st December.

Chap. IX. Secretaries.

1. It shall be the duty of the Secretaries to keep a list of all the Fellows of the Society, together with their addresses ; to summon Meetings (when necessary) of the Society and the Council ; to conduct and produce to the Council all corres- pondence in any way connected with the Society at the next Meeting after such correspondence shall have been received or taken place ; to take Minutes of the Proceedings at Meetings of the Society and the Council ; to edit the Transactions and Journal of Proceedings : and, generally, to act under the direction of the Council in all matters con- nected with the welfare of the Society.

2. In the absence fi'om any Meeting of the Society, or the Council, of both the Secretaries, Minutes of the Proceedings shall be taken by a Fellow whom the President shall appoint for the occasion.

Chap. X. Librarian.

1. It shall be the duty of the Librarian to take care of the Library and MSS., and keep a Catalogue thereof, with the names of the Donors ; to call in all Books borrowed, and see that the Library regulations are carried into effect.

2. The Council may employ a Sub-Librarian, who shall


receive such remuneration as the Council shall from time to time determine, and shall be subject to such Rules and Orders as shall from time to time be given to him by the Council.

Chap. XI. Library Begnlatwns.

1. No Fellow shall, without special permission of the Council, be allowed to borrow from the Library more than four volumes at one time, or without leave of the Librarian, to retain any volume longer than one month.

2. If any book be torn, injured, lost, or not forthcoming when demanded by the Librarian, full compensation shall be made for the same by the borrower.

3. The Librarian shall call in all books borrowed from the Library on the 5th day of January and 5th day of July in each year ; and in case the same be not returned on or before the Ordinary Meeting of the Society in the following month, notice thereof shall be given by him to the Council, who shall then direct a second notice to be sent to the Fellow retaining any book, and in case the same be not returned within the further space of four weeks from the date of such second notice so sent, such Fellow shall in future be dis- qualified from borrowing books from the Library without the special permission of the Council.

4. Subject to such Regulations as may be made from time to time by the Council, the Library shall be open to the Fellows between the hours of one and .six p.m. on every week-day, except Saturday, and on that day between one and three p.m.

5. No stranger shall be allowed access to the Library unless introduced by a Fellow ; but a note addressed to the Librarian or Secretary shall be deemed a sufficient intro- duction.

Chap. XII. Election of Fellows. 1. Every Candidate for admission into the Society shall be proposed by three or more Fellows, to one of whom he shall be personally known, and they must sign a Certificate in recommendation of him. The Certificate shall specify the name and usual place of residence of the Candidate.


2. The Certificate having been read at one of the Ordinary Meetings shall be suspended in the Library, read again at the following Ordinary Meeting, and the person therein recom- mended shall be balloted for at the next Ordinary Meeting.

8. The method of voting shall be by ballot, and two-thirds of the Fellows balloting shall elect.

4. Fellows shall sign the Obligation Book of the Society at the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society at which they are present, and shall then be admitted by the President.

Chat'. XIII. Admission Fee and Annual Confrihution.

1. The Admission Fee shall be £2 2.v., the Annual Con- tribution £1 Is.

2. Fellows permanently resident out of the United Kingdom shall pay the Annual Contribution, but shall be exempt from payment of any Admission Fee.

3 The composition for Life Fellowship, in lieu of the Annual Contribution, shall be £15 15.s'.

4. The Annual Contribution shall become due on the 1st day of January in advance ; any Fellow elected after Sep- tember will not be called upon for his Contribution for that

Chap. XIV. Withdraving and Removal of Fellows.

1. Every Fellow, having paid all sums due to the Society, shall be at liberty to withdraw therefrom upon giving notice in writing to the Secretary.

2. Whenever written notice of a motion for removing any Fellow shall be delivered to the Secretary, signed by the President or Chairman for the time being on the part of the Council, or by six or more Fellows, such notice shall be read from the Chair at the two Ordinary Meetings immediately following the delivery thereof, and the next following Ordinary Meeting shall be made a Special Meeting and the Fellows summoned accordingly, when such motion shall be taken into consideration and decided by ballot ; whereat if a majority of the Fellows balloting shall vote that such Fellow be removed, he shall be removed from the Society.

3. Whenever any Fellow shall be in arrear for three years in the payment of his Annual Contribution, notice thereof in writing shall be given or sent to him by the Treasurer with an intimation that at the expiration of three months he will be liable to have his name erased from the list of Fellows. In default of payment within that period, the Council may order his name to be erased accordingly, and he shall there- upon cease to be a Fellow of the Society.

4. The removal or erasure of the name of a Fellow shall not affect his liability for Contributions in arrear.

Chap. XV. Privileges of Fellows.

1. Fellows have the right to be present, to state their opinions, and to vote, at all General Meetings ; to propose Candidates for admission into the Society ; to introduce Visitors at General Meetings of the Society ; to have personal access, and to introduce scientific strangers, to the Library ; and Fellows who have paid the Annual Contribution for the year shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Transactions published during the year.

2. Fellows shall be eligible to any office in the Society, provided they are not more than one year in arrear in the payment of the Annual Contribution.

3. A Fellow shall not be entitled to vote on any occasion until he shall have paid his Contribution for the year last past.

Chap. XVI. Honorary Fellows.

1. Every person proposed as an Honorary Fellow shall be recommended by the Council ; and shall be balloted for, and, if elected, be liable to be removed in the like form and manner, and be subject to the same rules and restrictions, as an Ordinary Fellow.

2. Honorary Fellows shall be exempt from the payment of Fees and Contributions, and shall possess all the privileges of Ordinary Fellows,

3. No British Subject shall be an Honorary Fellow.

4. The number of Honorary Fellows shall not exceed twelve.



Chap. XVII. Ordinary Meetings of the Society.

1. The Ordinary Meetings of the Society shall be held on the first Wednesday in each month (except January), begin- ning at eight o'clock in the evening, or at such other days or times as the Council shall from time to time direct.

2. At the Ordinary Meetings the order of business shall be as follows :

(1.) The names of the Visitors present at the Meeting shall be read aloud by the President.

(2.) The Minutes of the last Meeting shall be read aloud by one of the Secretaries, proposed for confirmation by the Meeting, and signed by the President.

(3.) The Presents made to the Society since the last Meeting shall be announced and exhibited.

(4.) Certificates in favour of Candidates for admission into the Society shall be read, and Candidates shall be balloted for.

(5.) Fellows shall sign their names in the Obligation Book, and be admitted.

(6.) Exhibitions of specimens, &c., shall be made.

(7.) Entomological communications shall be announced and read either by the Author or one of the Secretaries.

(8.) Business not specified in the above order and dis- cussions arising out of the exhibitions and communications shall be taken at such times and in such manner as the President shall direct.

3. All Memoirs which shall be read at any Meeting of the Society, and accepted for publication, shall become the property of the Society, unless otherwise stipulated before the reading thereof.

4. No Motion relating to the government of the Society, its Bye-Laws, the management of its concerns, or the election, appointment, or removal of its Officers, shall be made at any Ordinary Meeting.

Chap. XVIII. Special Meeting.

1. Upon the requisition of six or more Fellows, presented to the President and Council, a Special General Meeting of the Society shall be convened ; a notice thereof shall be sent to every Fellow whose last known residence shall be in the United Kingdom, at least seven days before such Meeting shall take place : and any motion to be submitted to such Meeting which involves a substantive proposition and is not of the nature of an amendment shall be stated at length in such notice.

2. No vote shall be taken at any Special Meeting unless nine or more Fellows shall be present.

Chap. XIX. Annual Meeting.

1. The Annual Meeting of the Society shall be held on the third Wednesday in January.

2. The objects of the Meeting shall be to receive from the Council, and hear read, their Annual Eeport on the general concerns of the Society ; and to choose the Council and Officers for the ensuing year.

3. The Council for the time being shall annually cause to be prepared two Lists, one of which (No. 1 in the Schedule hereto) shall contain the names of Fellows whom they shall recommend to be re-elected, and of other Fellows to be elected into the Council ; and the other List (No. 2) shall contain the names of such Fellows as they shall recommend to fill the offices of President, Treasurer, Secretaries, and Librarian for the year ensuing ; which Lists shall be read at the Ordinary Meeting in December, and shall then be fixed up in the room until the day of election. And copies of such lists shall be transmitted to every Fellow whose last known residence shall be in the United Kingdom, before the 20th December.

4. If any four or more Fellows shall desire to substitute the name or names of any other Fellow or Fellows to be elected into the Council or to fill any of the offices of President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Librarian, sucli four or more Fellows shall give notice in writing to that effect.

specifying the name or names of the Fellow or Fellows proposed to be substituted : such notice to be given on or before the 31st December to one of the Secretaries, who shall before the second Wednesday in January transmit a List of the names proposed to be substituted to every Fellow whose last known residence shall be in the United Kingdom.

5. If no such notice be given to either of the Secretaries on or before the 31st December, the Fellows named in the Lists prepared by the Council shall be the Council and Officers for the ensuing year.

6. If any such notice be given, the election shall be by Ballot at the Annual Meeting, and the President shall appoint two or more Scrutineers from the Fellows present, not being Members of the Council, to superintend the Ballots and report the results to the Meeting. The Secretaries, assisted by the Treasurer, shall prepare a list of the Fellows entitled to vote, and each Fellow voting shall give his name to the Scrutineers to be marked on the said List, and shall then put his balloting lists into the respective glasses to be provided for such occasion.

7. Any balloting List containing a greater number of names proposed for any office than the number to be elected to such office, shall be wholly void, and be rejected by the Scrutineers.

8. No Ballot shall be taken unless nine or more Fellows shall be present.

9. If from any cause an election shall not take place of persons to fill the Council, or any of the offices aforesaid, then the election of the Council and Officers, or the election of Officers, as the case may be, shall be adjourned until the next convenient day, of which notice shall be given in like manner as is directed for the Annual Meeting.

Chap. XX. Transactions and Journal of Proceedings.

1. The Transactions shall consist of such papers commu- nicated to the Meetings of the Society as the Council shall order to be published therein.

2. The Transactions shall be published quarterly, or at


such other times, and at such prices as the Council shall direct for each Part or Volume.

3. Authors of Memoirs published in the Transactions shall be allowed twenty-five copies of their communications gratis. If any additional number be required, the permission of the Council shall be first obtained, and the entire expense thereof shall be paid for by the Authors.

4. A Journal of Proceedings of the Society shall also be published, containing Abstracts of the Papers read and Notices of other Matters communicated at the Ordinary Meetings of the Society. The Proceedings shall be bound up with the Transactions.

Chap. XXI. Alteration of the Bye-Laivs. Any of the Bye-Laws of the Society may at any time be repealed or altered, or others adopted in lieu thereof, at a Special Meeting of the Society, to be held after a Notice given to the President and Council, signed by six Fellows at least, and specifying the intended repeal or alteration, has been read at three Ordinary Meetings of the Society.



No. 1.

Form of List for the Council.

List of Members of the present Council recommended to be re-elected at the Election on the day of January, 18 * :—

A. B.


E. F.

G. H.

L J.



0. P.


S. T.

List of Fellows recommended to be elected into the Council :

U. V.

W. X.

Y. Z.


D. C.

* If any of the Names in this List be objected to, they must be struck out before the Ballot, and other names, notified as provided by Sec. 4 of Chapter xix. of the Society's Bye-Laws, may be substituted in the blank spaces left for that purpose.


No. 2.

Form of List for the Officers.

List of Fellows recommended by the present Council to be appointed to the Offices of President, Treasurer, Secre- taries and Librarian, at the Election on the day of January, 18 * :

President Z. A.

Treasurer Y. B.

Secretaries jw d

Librarian V. E.

* If auy of the names in this List be objected to, they must be struck out before the Ballot, and other names, notified as provided by Sec. 4 of Chapter xix. of the Society's Bye-Laws, may be substituted in the blank spaces left for that purpose.

( "IV )

list of JdlDius





18'J-i FoREL, Professor Auguste, M.D., The University, Zilrich.

1884 OSTEN Sacken, Baron C. R., Wredeplatz, Heidelberg.

1884 Packard, Dr, Alphaeus S., Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. 1872 Saussure, Henri F. de, Tertasse, 2, Geneva.

1895 ScuDDER, Samuel Hubbard, Cainhridfje, Mass., U.S.A. 1871 Selys-Longciiamps, Baron M. E. de, Liege.

1885 Snellen, Pieter Carl T., Rotterdam.

1895 Thomson, Dr. C. G., The University, Lund, Sweden. 1893 Wattenwyl, Hofrath Dr. Carl Brunner Von, Traiitsohngasse, 6, Vienna.


Marhed '■' is an Original Member.

Marked f have compounded for their Annual Subscriptions.

Date of


1877 Adajis, Frederick Charlstrom, F.Z.S., 68, St. Ermiti's Mansions,

Caxton-street, Westminster, S.W. 1877 Adajls, Herbert J., Roseneath, London-road, Enfield, N.

1885 Adkin, Robert, Wellfield, Lingards-road, Leioisham, S.E. 1897 Alderson, Hope, Hilda Vale, Farnborough, Kent.

1886 Atmore, E. a., 48, High-street, King's Lynn, Norfolk.

1892 Baily, William Edward, Lynwood House, Paul Churchtoion, near

Penza)ice, Cornwall. 1894 B.AjCER, "Walter F., Tretit House, Gainsborough. 1886 Bankes, Eustace R., M.A., The Rectory, Corfe Castle, Wareham,

Dorset. 1890 Barclay, Francis H., F.G.S., Knott's Green, Leyton, Essex.


188G Bakgagli, Nobile Cavaliere Piero, Piazza S. Maria, Palazzo

Tempi No. 1, Flore?ice, Italy. 1895 Barker, Cecil 'W.,Rownham, Malvern, Natal, South Africa. 1887 Barker, H. W., 147, Gordon-road, Feckham, S.E.

1884 Barrett, Charles Goldiug, Inland Revenue Office, Newington Buttf,

S.E., and 39, Linden-grove, Nunhead, S.E. 18G5 Barton, Stephen, 114, St. Michael's Hill, Bristol. 1897 Bates, F., 417, High-road, Cliiswick, W. 1894tBATESON, William, M.A., F.R.S., Fellow of St. John's College,

St. John's College, Carnhridge. 189G fBEARE, Prof. T. Hudson, B.Sc, F.R.S.E., Purh House, King's-road,

Richitond, Surrey. 1851 t Beaumont, Alfred, The Bed Cottage, Po)id-road, Blackheath, S.'E.

1893 Beddakd. Frank E., M.A., F.R.S., Zoological Gardens, Regent's

Park, N.W. 1897 Bennett, W. H., 15, Wellington-place, Hastings. 1882 Berg, Prof. Dr. Carlos, Director del Museo Nacional, Buenos

Aires {Rep. Argent.), South America.

1885 Bethune-Baker, George T., F.L.S., 19, Clarendon-road, Edghaston,

Birmingham. 1895 Bevan, Lieutenant H. G. R., R.N., 2, Lansdoion-p)lace, Chcltcnhnn. 1892 BiDDELL, Walter Cuthbert, 32, The Grove, Bolton Gardens, S.W.

1886 BiDDLE, F. W., M.A., 3, Knole Paddock, Sevenoahs.

1880 BiGNELL, George Carter, G9, Union-street, Stonchozise, Plymouth. 1879 BiLLUPS, T. R., 20, Siviss Villas, Coplestone-road, Peckham, S.E.

1895 Bingham, Lt.-Col., F.Z.S., Bombay Staff Corps, c/o Messrs. King

& Co., 65,Con//j//Z,E.C. 1897 Bird, George, W., The Manor-house, West Wickham, Beckenham.

1896 Bishop, Luke, F.R.G.S., 3, Tokenhonse-huildings, E.G. 1891 Bl.\I3ER, W. H., F.L.S., 34, Cromivell-road, West Brighton.

1894 f Blackburne-Maze, W. P., Shaw House, Newbury, Berkshire.

1889 Blandford, Walter F. H., M.A., F.Z.S., Secretary, 48, Wimpole-

street, W.

1890 Bl.\tch, W. G., Knowle, near Birmingham.

1885 BL.vrinvAYT, Lieut.-Col. Liuley, F.L.S., Eagle House, Batheuston,


1886 Bloomfield, The Rev. Edwin Newson, M.A., Guestling Rectory,

Hastings. 1876 BoRRE, Alfred Preudhomme de. Villa la Fauvette, Petit Saconne.r, Geneva.

1875 BORRER, Wm., juur., F.G.S., Pakyns 3Ianor House, Hurstjnerjioinf,


1876 BosCHER, Edward, Bellevue House, Twickenham.

1891 Booth, George A., Fern Hill, Grange-over-Sands, Carnforth,


1892 Bouskell, Frank, Market Bosworth, Nuneaton.


1888 Bower, B. A., Langley, EHham-road, Lee, S.E.

1894 1 Bowles, E. Augustus, M.A., Mijddeltoji House, Waltham Cross,

Hertfordiflure. 1852 t Boyd, Thos., Woodvale Lodge, South Noricood Hill, S.E.

1893 Brabant, Edouard, Chateau de Morenchies, par Cambrai (^Nord),


1894 Breyer, Professor H. G., M.D., Gymnasium, Pretoria, Transvaal,


1877 Briggs, Charles Adolphus, 55, Lincohi's Inn Fields, W.C. ; and

Rock House, Lynmouth, North Devon. 1870 Briggs, Thomas Henry, M.A., Rock House, Lynmouth. North

Devon. 1894 Bright, Percy M., Roccahruna, Bournemouth. 1897 Brightwen, Mrs. E., The Grove, Great Stanmore. 1890 Brlstowe, B. A., Durlstone, Champion Hill, S.E.

1879 Brongniart, Le Chevalier Dr. Charles, Assistant d'Entomologie

au Musee d'histoire naturelle de Paris, Foreign Corr. Geol, Soc. Lond., Hon. Mem. Geologists' Assn. Lond., &c., 9, Rue Linne, Paris.

1878 Broun, Capt. Thomas, Drury, Auckland, New Zealand.

1897 Brown, F. N., M.R.C.S., The Elms, Chobham, Woking ; and Natid. 1887 Brown, Henry Rowland, M.A., 3, Pump-court, Temple, E.C. 1886 Bro'WN, John, 5, King's Parade, Cambridge. 1892 Brow^ne, Capt. Clement Alfred Righy, R.E., Southern Mahratta

Railway, Dharivar, Lidia. 1890 Bryant, George, Somerset Lodge, Old Shirley, near Southampton. 1883 BucKTON, George Bowdler, F.R.S., F.L.S., Weycombe, Haslemere,


1889 Burns, Henry, 34, Byrne-road, Balham, S.W.

1896 f Burr, Malcolm, F.Z.S., Bellagio, East Grinstead, Sussex.

1868 t Butler, Arthur Gardiner, Ph.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S., British Museum,

South Kensington, Si.W.; and The Lilies, Penge-road, Beckenham,

Kent. 1883 B\JTLER,EdwiivdA\hert,B.A.,B.8c.,39, Ashley-road, Crouch Hill,:N.

1886 Calvert, Wm. Bartlett, Liceo de Quillota, Quillota, Chili, South

America. 1886 Cameron, Peter, Union Road, New Mills, Derbyshire. 1885 Campbell, Francis Maule, F.L.S., F.Z.S., »S:c., Brynlhmjdvjyn,

Machynlleth, Montgomery shire. 1860 Candeze, Dr. E., Glain, Liege.

1880 Cansdale, W. D., Sunny Bank, South Norwood, S.E.

1889 Cant, A., c/o Fredk. Bu Cane Godman, Esq., F.R.S., 10, Chandos-

street. Cavendish-square, W.

1890 Capper, Samuel James, F.L.S. (President of the Lancashire and

Cheshire Entomological Society), Huyton Park, near Liverpool.


188G Capeon, Edward, M.D., Shere, Gu'ddford, Survey.

1894 Caracciolo, H., H.M. Customs, Port of Spain, Trinidad, British

West Indies. 1892 Carpenter, The Honble, Mrs. Beatrice, Kiplin, Northallerton, Yorkshire.

1895 Carpenter, G. H., B.Sc, Museum of Science and Art, Dublin. 1868 Carrington, Charles, Carylls, Fa// Gate, Horsham.

1890 Carter, George Wm., M.A., F.L.S., Cliff End House, Scarhoro\ 1895 Carter, Sir Gilbert, K.C.M.G., 43, Charing Cross, W.C, and

Government House, Nassau, Bahamas.

1889 t Cave, Charles J. T., Biustead, Cambridge.

1871 Champion, George C, F.Z.S., Librarian, Heatherside, Horsell, Woking, Surrey ; and 10, Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, W.

1891 Chapman, Thomas Algernon, M.D., Elmscroft, Elms-road, Redhill.

1890 Chattertox, Frederick J. S., 78, Clissold-road, Stoke Newington, N. 1897 Chawner, Miss Ethel F., Forest Bank, Lyndhurst.

1891 t Chittv, Arthur J., M.A., 27, Hereford-square, S.W.

1889 Christy, W. M., M.A., F.L.S., Watergate, Emsworth, Hants. 1886 + Clark, John Adolphus, The Broadway, London Fields, jST.E. 1867 Clarke, Alex. Henry, 109, Warwick-road, Earl's Court, S.W. 1886 Clarke, Charles Baron, M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., 13, Kew

Gardens-road, Kew, S.W. 1891 Clarke, Heury Shortridge, 2, Osborne-terrace, Douglas, IsleofMan.

1891 CocKERELL, Theodore D. A., F.Z.S., Mesilla, New Mexico, U.S.A. 1874 Cockle, Major George, M.A.,B.Mus.,Oxon., d,Bolto)i-garden8,S.'W. 1873 Cole, William, 7, Knighton Villas, Buekhurst Hill, Essex.

1892 Cowan, Thomas William, F.L.S., F.G.S., F.R.M.S., 31, Belsize

Park Gardens, Hampstead, N.W., and Penleaze, Fowey, Cornwall.

1886 Cowell, Peter (Librarian of the Liverpool Free Public Library),

William Brou)n- street, Liverpool. 1867 Cox, Herbert Ed., c/o F. S. Eve, Esq., 125, Harley-street, W. 1895 Crartree, Benjamin Hill, The Oaklands, Levenshulme, Manchester. 1888 Cregoe, J. P., Fredinick, Mayow-road, Sydenham, S.E.

1890 Crewe, Sir Vauncey Harpur, Bart., Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. 1880 tCRiSP, Frank, LL.B., B.A., Treasurer L.S., F.G.S., Treasurer

R.M.S., 5, Laiisdowne-road, Notting Hill, W. 1888 Croker, a. J., 90, Albert-road, Walthamstow. 1895 Crompton, Sidney, Salamanca, Santa Cruz, Teneriff'e,